Promo for the fundraising concert "For Puerto Rico" on April 30th 2018 at the Roundhouse in London, UK:

The Cause

A Worthy Cause


Never before in the history of Puerto Rico has the Island endured such total devastation, than by the catastrophic annihilation caused by a storm called “Maria” on September 20th, 2017.

The Caribbean Island’s already shaky infrastructure was decimated in a matter of hours leaving 3.5 million people without a home, food, clean water or electricity. It is feared that Puerto Rico will continue to suffer the effects of Maria for a generation to come.

A Great Event


José Feliciano, the Island’s ‘son of world acclaim’ was, at the time, contracted to perform in England with one of her brightest stars, Jools Holland, in a series of concerts throughout the British Isles. During this time, Feliciano and Holland chose to rally together and gather in others in the public eye to join in solidarity and bring their talents to the stage in support of Jose’s homeland.

Get Involved!


You, too, are invited to join in as a single voice where together we can all offer support to the people of Puerto Rico!

Please consider helping directly by clicking on the “Donate” Button above and if you can, by joining José, Jools and their Friends at the fundraising concert at the Roundhouse in London, Monday, April 30th 2018. 

For further information for purchasing tables, sponsorship program and ticket sales please download the document below or contact the Don José Feliciano Foundation at clip@inode.at directly.


Table & Sponsorship information - José Feliciano, Jools Holland & Friends "For Puerto Rico" (pdf)



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